Audacity corrupting files

For the past 3-4 weeks, almost every time I record a project, Audacity acts crazy in the middle of editing and starts refusing to save files and saying they’re corrupted. Then I have to restart my computer for it to reopen them and then it does the whole process over again.

What is the fix?

Where is the project? Are you doing everything on the local drive? Audacity hates editing on internet-connected drives.


The projects have mostly been stored on my portable SSD portable with USB C connection. I then tried saving a few to the internal drive and still same problem.

Are you running out of room? Each time you perform an edit, Audacity doesn’t just save the edit information for later UNDO. It saves a copy of The Whole Show. If you need to Edit > UNDO, Audacity just opens the last show.

That’s also why you can’t UNDO out of order.

So check the room on your drive.

Also note that you can’t go by the size of the file or show outside of Audacity. Audacity works internally at Super High Quality to avoid damage during complex editing. The down side to that is the show inside Audacity is much bigger than you think it is.

This is also a bad time to leave a bazillion apps open on your machine while you edit. The menu bar at the bottom of your screen should have only the Audacity app marked.

Screen Shot 2024-03-03 at 08.49.38


The Obsessive Engineer (ahem) would close everything and then Shut Down the Mac. Not Restart. Wait a bit for everything to clear and then Start. If the shutdown takes forever and features a tiny spinning daisy on the screen, let it stabilize a bit (go make coffee) and do the shutdown again.

Some of the lesser well-behaving apps can leave trash laying around even after they close.

Also, Audacity can leave trash laying around if it crashes with a show on the timeline. If this has happened multiple times, you may have significant piles of broken files clogging everything up.


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