Audacity configuration just for listen


  • I developed a Windows C# application for listen voice recordings, that is going to be used just to listen wav and mp3 voice recordings in different Windows PCs like W7, W8, W10.
  • I would like to run Audacity from the command line passing the voice file path as parameter.
  • The Audacity configuration I would like to have, should hide most of the menus and buttons. Just to show the transport buttons.
  • Also, the default configuration will not allow the user to make any changes to the file.
  • Also, I would like to set the window size in the configuration.

Please let me know if this is possible, and point me to the documentation.

Thanks a lot

Do you mean that you want to develop an application, or that you have already developed the application?

Hello Steve,
I already have a Windows app that allows the user to browse a directory full of voice recordings (wav, mp3).
The user can set filters in order to display, let’s say, just yesterday recordings of agent John.
If the user clicks on one line of that listing I want to play the file.


and I presume that you want to use Audacity as the “playback engine”.

To launch Audacity and load the audio file:

audacity "fully-qualified-file-name"

“fully-qualified-file-name” means, the file name including the full file path.
There is no built-in command-line option to start playback, but you could perhaps programmatically generate a spacebar keyboard event (after allowing a suitable pause to allow Audacity to launch and load the file).

To do this you would need to either modify the Audacity source code and rebuild Audacity, or use an old version of Audacity (2.1.1 or earlier) with a specially crafted language file. The latter option is documented here: but note that this documentation is obsolete and no longer supported. See also this forum thread:

The window size is set in audacity.cfg which is Audacity’s “Preferences” file. See:

It may actually be easier to just use a command-line application for playing the file, or create a simple HTML interface.

Thank you very much Steve. You are very kind.
I am going to carefully review the option of using 2.1.1,
Thanks again and best regards