Audacity compilation error

Hello everyone, this is my first contact with audacity. I downloaded the audacity source code and wxWidgets, and copied and compiled wxWidgets according to the process. But when I compiled audacity, there were compilation errors :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: .
I really don’t know how to solve this problem. I hope some kind friends can help me. This is my you can send me an email or reply to comments below. I will pay attention to it all the time.Thank you for your reply and patience.
ps:Audacity Version 2.3.3
wxWidgets Version 3.0.2
WxWidgets path:C:\wxWidgets-3.0.2
Environment variable WXWIN:C:\wxWidgets-3.0.2

First suggestion is to use wxwidgets 3.1.2 instead and make sure you are sticking with the 32 bit environment throughout. It compiles and links easily for me with the environment variables ASIOSDK_DIR and WXWIN set to point to the relevant directories. There are some warning but no errors as such. Does wxWidgets build correctly first or are you relying on something pre-built?

My first suggestion would be to try following the official build instructions. The build instructions for Windows say:

3. wxWidgets:

 1) Clone wxWidgets and checkout 3.1.1 from the Audacity fork of the 
    wxWidgets project:

I don’t personally find the official instructions easy to follow, but they do work.