Audacity code in separate web app - newbie Qs

I’m a former (like 1995) C programmer who’d like to write a foreign language accent-improvement app using Audacity code for sound processing.
Since I never wrote any code that dealt with sound files and was actually a fairly junior coder back when, I know these questions are basic. Please be gentle…

  1. Is it feasible to write a web app (I’m thinking Java) that uses Audacity libraries for recording/playing/displaying/comparing files of spoken words and phrases?
  2. Are there other sound libraries around that might be a better choice to supply that functionality?
  3. Would Java be a good choice? (I notice that Python is used for some web apps)
  4. If Audacity code seems a good choice, are there any tutorials around that could guide me in compiling it into a library my app could use?
  5. if I compile Audacity code in a dedicated library for my app, what must I do to comply with open-source use policy?
  6. Any recommendations for tutorials on sound/video manipulation? I’m thinking (sync’d?) clips to show mouth and tongue position for particular sounds.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Jeff Lawrence