Audacity changed?

I just opened up audacity and my recent files are gone and audacity itslef looks different …i also now have yo hold shift then click record to record where i want now and i didnt have to do that 2 days ago …what is going on?

You may have pushed yourself through a version update, or you could have damaged your preferences files and you are now looking at the Audacity factory default.

Traditionally, Audacity has started a new track under the existing one when you pressed R (Record). There were constant complaints about that. Most people seemed to want R to add-on new work to the end of old.

So as of one of the last couple of updates, plain R now adds work to the end of the existing track and Shift+R starts a new track.

You can change this behavior to whichever direction you want in preferences.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Record on a new track.

Which Audacity version number did you have before and which do you have now? Help > About?


what is going on?

One thing that could be going on is you have been broken into. When was the last time you did that heavy virus scan that takes all night? Start it when you go to bed. Follow the instructions.

Your machine could be falling apart. Windows has both a memory checker and a drive optimizer. That last one has restrictions if you have a solid state drive.

When was the last time you did a heavy shutdown? Shift+Shutdown > Wait > Start. Not normal Shutdown and not Restart.


There is a more exotic possibility. Is this a laptop? How long can it run on batteries? I’ve had several people who’s batteries were dead and they had to stay connected to the wall. In other words, their computer was broken. That’s not normal and that can cause problems.


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The same as what?