Audacity.cfg reseted every time I restart the computer


Everything is in the subject! How can I avoid this behaviour?

Thank you.


Ensure that Audacity is properly shut down before rebooting.

That’s what I do everytime…

Moreover, there is a problem which I don’t understand: audacity does not “see” the same devices everyday. Today audacity sees
in reading, “Analog (hw:1,0), Digital(hw:1,1)” and some others via HDMI

yesterday there was a device “Analog(hw:0,0)” which worked so, today I can’t read sound from audacity…

in recording, today there is a device "Analog(hw:1,0) line 0, Analog(hw:1,0) line 1, Analog(hw:1,2) line 0 and some digital devices… none of these works for recording…

yesterday there was an “Analog(hw:0,0) line 0” which worked…

So, today I can’t use audacity…

Is there a way to configure audacity with a “hard” audacity.cfg which stays permanently with the correct devices to be used.

Thank you for helping.


Let’s take a step back - what makes you think that audacity.cfg is reset each time you restart the computer.

Let’s take a step back - what makes you think that audacity.cfg is reset each time you restart the computer.

Because if I set a device for audio and record using the setting dialog box and save this settings and quit audacity using Ctrl-Q, when opening audacity next time, these settings are set to “default” which does not work… And I have to set these devices one more time… if audacity shows me the working devices on my computer which is not the case everytime!!!


When Audacity launches, it scans the sound system for available devices. If the last used device is available, then Audacity will use it, otherwise Audacity will fall back to the default.

The default setting is the system’s default device. On Windows this is often “Sound Mapper”, though it could be anything. “Sound Mapper” is a virtual device that redirects to whatever device is set as the default in Windows Sound settings.

If the default device does not work in Audacity, it is usually because some other application has claimed exclusive control of the device, and the correct “fix” is to close the other application.

Another common reason for the default device not working is that external devices (such as wireless audio devices or USB devices) may not be available (external devices may disconnect when not being used). In this case, rescanning audio devices (bottom of the “Transport” menu) may fix it.

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