audacity.cfg recentfiles

At the moment audacity only remembers 12 recent files. I am dependent on lots of recent file history.
Is there a way to configure audacity to remember say 50 or 100 recent files and not just 12 ?

There are no configuration options to do that. You would have to modify the source code and build your own, custom version, of Audacity.

Why not put all the 50-100 files in the same folder ?


Putting it all in a folder defies the objective of having several projects.
It becomes a pandora’s box which is contrary to the tenets of organization.

I can change the program and add an entry in the cfg file, but if the developers wont include it in the newer versions, then it is useless as I will have to build and edit a new version everytime I upgrade or I then have to fork audacity.

I will see if I cannot find an alternative.

Then how about taking a leaf out of the Unix book and create symbolic links to each of the files and put the sym links into one folder?
(or hard links if that suits your workflow better)

That is definitely not a solution for me. Would have been nice to have a long recentfiles from the menu, symlinks will be like starting a new session everytime, cumbersome and counterproductive for what I need.