Audacity causing MP3TAG to fail on Windows 10 PC

A few months ago I started to run into problems with MP3TAG, a program I use to mass update my tags. After much research and trial and error investigation it came down to uninstalling Audacity to get MP3TAG to work.
This means that I have to reinstall Audacity every time I need to use it and then uninstall it after.
Does anyone have any Idea as to why?

I don’t have any trouble with MP3Tag and I don’t understand how there could be any interaction unless the same file is open in both programs at the same time.

To be honest neither do I. I’ve tried installing the MP3 files on different storage medium but that made no difference. I’ve even done a complete reinstall of Windows on the assumption that windows some how got corrupted. Reinstalled all my apps except any MP3 tools and then installed MP3Tag. It worked fine. Then installed Audacity. When I tried some updates to existing MP3s the MP3Tag program hung. I had to stop it using the Task Manager before I could do anything. I contacted MP3Tag support and they deny any conflict issues as well other than blaming my files. I’m at a complete loss as to why this started to happen last fall (2022). That is why I am reaching out to see if anyone has any ideas.

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