Audacity causes system to mute and unmute perpetually

Hi, I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.2.2, which I downloaded as a zip file, and then again as an installer file (after erasing the previous zip file and the extracted file), but I continue to get the same problem.

Whenever I open Audacity, my system’s audio mutes and un-mutes perpetually, so that the audio in my computer sounds choppy and frankly makes anything related to audio useless on my computer. When I restart my computer, the mute function is normal again, but then goes back to perpetual triggering when I open Audacity. I’m mildly frustrated, and I would very much appreciate help.

Additionally, I downloaded Audacity from the website, so I feel like this shouldn’t be a virus. This only happens when I open Audacity. Please help.

Any ideas?

Hello friends and neighbors,
I found a makeshift solution, but it makes me (further) doubt the moral integrity of my computer manufacturers. So, I’ve suffering with the problem for a bit, and today I tried running Audacity again. It triggered the mute function to trigger on and off perpetually again, to my dismay.

I went on command prompt and tried to turn off the audio service, and this is what happened:

net stop “audiosrv”
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

This seemed suspicious so I went to task manager and looked for a suspicious looking program running. Stroke of luck, I found a program by the name bangolufson or bangandolufson or something like that using up a suspicious % of the CPU. So I turn it off, and BAM, the mute problem is GONE. My audio works again and I’ve been using Audacity.

I went ahead and looked up this Band and Olufson, AND TURNS out, that its a company which is responsible for the sound system on my computer. Anybody invested in Audacity might want to do some research as to why that company’s audio software makes it so my computer audio stops working when I try to use Audacity.

I would really appreciate some feedback on the matter- am I crazy?

My latest laptop HP Envy has a Bang&Olufsen sound system as its built-in device/speakers -and it works fine with Audacity - so I’m puzzled why yours does not.

I’m suspecting that you may have deeper problems on your PC …