Audacity can't see data folder

In a word, Yes.

Also read Koz’s post above.

Inside the AUP file, the text after “projname=” must be the exact name of the _data folder. Appending " copy" to the folder name breaks the link between the AUP file and the _data folder.

Gale’s point was this. Let’s say you have a project named “MyProject.aup” and it has a data folder named “MyProject_data”. Now let’s say you used the Finder to make copies of these in the same folder, so now, as well as the original file and folder, you have "MyProject copy.aup and a “MyProject_data copy” folder. If you open “MyProject copy.aup” it still references the original “MyProject_data” folder. If you remove the “MyProject_data” folder (thinking the copy is good enough) you will get errors when you open the project.

So, tell us what it says inside the AUP file (when you open it in TextEdit) after “projname=”.

BTW, why are you blurring the file names?

– Bill

Bill, thanks! Very easy for me to understand. And thanks to Koz as well. If I have the problem again and opening it as a text file doesn’t make the issue clear, I’ll come back with more info.

I blur the file names because some of the names are very well known people, and I’d rather that not be a public part of my posts.

Does this means you’ve solved the current problem?

In the future, if you need to make a copy of a project, use File > Save Project As.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill.

I worked around the original problem.