Audacity can't open a project

Audacity could not open a project because it could not locate the data file. Last I check, the data file (in the same name as the project) is in the same folder as the AUP file but somehow it just won’t open. I have many other projects which opens just fine. Can anyone kindly help me diagnose the problem?

Which version of Audacity do you have (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)

What is the name of the AUP file?
What is the name of the project’s “_data” folder?

Please attach the AUP file to your reply (See:

Have a look in Audacity’s RECENT list and see if you can see the file path there.

You could also try doing a Windows search within FILE EXPLORER using the search term aup and see what results it pulls in.

If nothing in the results list, then can only conclude you inadvertently deleted it.

To verify this try using an File Undelete program, such as the component of Glary Utilities, and do a search.

The file undelete search will take several minutes - look in the file type tab.

If you spot the deleted file then use the restore function.

I’ve just done a test (my version and opened SAVE PROJECT and selected SAVE PROJECT AS.

Audacity saved it in Documents/Audacity folder.

File extension is .aup3, no other files were present.

I also checked Windows TEMP, LOCAL and ROAMING and found nothing there.

Good luck