Audacity can't find my Shure MV7 Headphones

When I first hooked up my Shure MV7 Headphones, they worked with Audacity and I was able to edit tape using my headphones. Then they stopped working. The headphones work with everything else EXCEPT Audacity. I uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled but still don’t work. I believe I have all the correct settings. Can someone help?

Two things to check:

  1. Does Audacity work with your built-in microphone ? If not, you will need to setup microphone permissions for Audacity on your computer. On Windows this would be: Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support.
  2. After plugging in this USB microphone, you will need to either a) restart Audacity or b) run Transport > ReScan Audio Devices.

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