Audacity cannot open aup3

I am having this issue on Windows 10 and Windows 11.
After modifying aup3.
Do you have an ability to audit aup3 and see if it can be opened somehow? So much work is lost!

If you have an .aup3 that will not open, you may zip it up, upload it to a public file sharing service, and post (or PM me) a link. I’ll take a look at it.

Will do. Thank you!

Fortunately, after I rebooted my machine Audacity opened the file I had trouble with. Will keep monitoring and and send you the updates when and if it happens again.
Thank you so much for responding.

The issue has been intermittent over the past fiew days, and, I think, I found the common pattern: project won’t open if it is stored on a USB thumbdrive.
It opens fine if moved to an internal memory storage.
Question is: is it possible to overcome such a hurdle?
And, of course, it would be nice to understand what causes it.
Please let me know how I can be of assistance to resolve this.

AUP3 files are not supported by FAT formatted disks.
If you format the USB thumb drive as NTFS, then it will probably work, though I would still not recommend using USB drives for live Audacity projects.

USB thumb drives are generally slower than internal drives (reducing the performance of Audacity). When in use, Audacity projects are I/O intensive, which internal hdd / sdd storage handles much better. Also, USB drives may become temporarily unavailable if CPU usage gets too high, and that can cause permanent corruption of the project.

USB thumb drives can be very useful for storing AUP3 files (I regularly use them for backups), but are not recommended for live projects - move or copy the AUP3 to an internal drive before opening the project.

Or format it as exFAT - but Steve’s other advice remains true.

I happen to use USB sticks from time to time for QA testing (particularly testing overfilling disks) - Issues like this one:

But I wouldn’t trust one for a live project.


Thank you, Steve.
My Thumb Drive is NTFS formatted.
Interesting fact is that if I use external HDD, and a pretty slow one at that, the project does open.
The only problem is opening from an external Solid state media.
Although the solution is pretty clear, as you suggested -
Use it for backup only.
Thanks again.