Audacity cannot find project data folder

I opened up a saved folder Final Mix.aup and made some changes. I clicked on “Save Project” (not “Save project as”). When I closed the project and then re-opened it, I got the error message: “Couldn’t find the project folder: Final Mix_data”. This is my entire project!! How do I retrieve that folder?

I just found a response in your forums to this question.

I did not move or delete any of my files so I do not understand why Audacity couldn’t find the project data folder. By the way, after I click on “ok” for error message saying it couldn’t find data folder, a second error message opens up: “could not load file Final Mix.aup”. I don’t know if this indicates a different problem from the first error message.

The AUP file is the project manager. It’s a text file that tells Audacity what to do with all the stuff inside the _DATA folder.

So they’re different.

The AUP file and the_DATA folder must be in the same location or folder for a show to open.

could not load file Final Mix.aup

How did you open the show to begin with? Dragging? Double click the AUP file? Open Audacity first?


I double-clicked on the .aup file

Is the data folder there?

Go back to where the aup file was and look around. Do you see the similarly named _data folder? If you can’t find it, Audacity will never be able to find it.


I’m having the same problem. The .aup file and the folder are together. Is there a way I can show audacity where the folder is? So frustrating.

What is the name of the .AUP file?
What is the name of the _data folder?
Open the .AUP file in NotePad and copy the first 5 lines and paste them into your reply. (Do not edit the file in any way - do not save the file while open in Notepad, just copy the first few lines and paste into tour reply).