Audacity "Cannot Find Project, Cannot find File..."

Help, please! Just spent all day downloading and editing SFX for my schools production of the musical “Titanic!”. Saved the file as “Titanic SFX” onto my desktop. When I try to open it I get two text windows indicating it can’t find the project or the file. If I look at Properties of the file icon it shows it to be an.aup file, 27.9KB in size. Fortunately I saved all the raw effects (wav files) in another folder. In that folder there’s a folder named “Titanic Crash SFX_data” with one file labled e00". I expect this is the metadata.

Running Audacity 1.3.13 on Vista. I have rehearsal tomorrow at 3PM. We Open Wednesday night. Can you help me please?

What you appear to have saved is an Audacity project called “Titanic Crash SFX”. The “Titanic Crash SFX.aup” file is the Audacity project file and the folder “Titanic Crash SFX_data” contains the audio but in a format that only Audacity can understand. You need to have both the aup file and the _data folder residing under the same controlling folder. From what you’ve written it sounds as though they are in two different locations (implying that you moved one of them, probably the aup file). Bring them together under the same roof and then launch Audacity and do File > Open on the aup file. Does that get you out of jail? To get sound files that you can playback on audio equipment (e.g. a CD player) you will then need to do File > Export to either WAV or MP3 files. But we’ll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.