Audacity can not find a place to save the temporary files

Hello everybody.
I’ using Netbeans to build the Audacity package from its makefile (another fine way is the kdevelop environment, as suggested me Steve in a previous post).
The project is built with success.
However, when i run the executable file from the netbeans environment i receive the message:
“It can not find a place to save the temporary files; Specify a folder that suits your preferences”.
Then a window appears that show the path “var/tmp” but the problem persists.

Please, can yo suggest me tips ?

The temporary directory should not be create automatically from the netbeans environment or not ? Maybe i need to specify it in the netbeans options ?

Thanks in advance.


What happens if you just double click on the Audacity executable?

Hi Steve !
If i use the command line to start Audacity all is right.
It starts.
The problem happens when i try to launch Audacity from the run command inside the Netbeans environment (after building it, of course).
I apologize with you because I forgot to specify this particular in my question. I have done this test.

Please, help me. What happen for you ?

Thanks in advance


Audacity needs read / write access to its temp folder. By default this is a folder that Audacity creates in /var/tmp/
For example, if your user name is “vince”, then the temp folder will be, by default “/var/tmp/audacity-vince”
The location of the temp folder is set in “Edit > Preferences > Directories”.

If you require more help. I think you may need to ask on the NetBeans support channel as this appears to be more of a NetBeans problem.

Hi Steve
I’m agree with you. What you wrote to me confirm what i understood. So I’m sure i’m not doing wrong.
Yes, I’ve just sent a question to the netbeans forum … however i’ve not a reply until at this moment. It seems a netbeans problem; however i’ve not found how to set the /var/tmp directory in the netbeans environment.

Please, can you tell me if Kdevelop by-pass this problem ?



I’ve not seen that problem in kdevelop.

Hi Steve,

i fixed the problem.
I launched netbeans as root. The /var/tmp directory has been created also with the right permission and Audacity starts fine lauching it inside the netbeans environment.

Thanks very much !!!