Audacity - Can it replace "Sound Recorder" in Microsoft Word


My version of Microsoft Office (Word) used a feature
called SPEECH. Audio files can be inserted into a document
which are recorded using the built in “Sound Recorder” by
inserting COMMENTS via a microphone.

It’s not a very good recorder and I’d like to replace it with
Audacity or something similar.

My question is wether the default recorder can changed in
Microsoft Office; can a new default recorder be configured?


We don’t make Word, so we don’t know if it can be configured to change the audio recorder it uses. I rather doubt it - a search on Google found nothing helpful. Look in Word options or press F1 in the program for help, or ask on the Microsoft Forums.

You can probably take the alternative approach of recording with Audacity, exporting to an audio file then inserting that audio file into your document. The method may vary according to the version of Word that you have. There are some links here you could try .