Audacity buttons mess up.

They should be like what it’s seen usually, but sometimes, the buttons just get messed up (play button is at the top, mic options are at the bottom). Does this happen to you?

This does not sound like a known problem.

Which version of Audacity are you using? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)
Which version of Windows?
What do you need to do to reproduce the problem?

Please post a screenshot to show what you mean. See here for how to attach an image to your post:

Do you need to use View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars?


This is the problem I was talking about. Apologies for the very late reply.
bandicam 2017-01-08 22-22-34-550.jpg

You still have not said what version of Audacity you are using (see the pink panel at the top of the page). :wink:

Perhaps this happens if you resize the window smaller then maximise it, instead of resizing it larger. I think this is known about. Doesn’t View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars fix it?

By the way you don’t have any recording devices enabled in Windows so you won’t be able to record.


Actually this is a problem that we have seen before - but it is a “moonphase” problem

I.e. it occurs only very infrequently and so far we have been unable to pin down precise steps for reproducing this (which makes it almost impossibly hard to debug).

It’s happened to me about 20 times or so in the ten years I have been using and working on Audacity (QA and documentation) with that same stacked toolbar layout.

I’m not sure if we have listed this as a moonphase bug ever - do you recall Gale?


Ahhhh a bit of searching on Bugzilla revelas this one:

This Forum report shows the same symptoms though maybe not the same cause.


@SabbathFan: did this happen to you when resizing Audacity windows?


Occasionally I get that …

Reset toolbars fixes it.

Yes it does - but it restores to default settings.

What I would love to see would be a handy way of storing my customized layout and restoring it by means of Audacity commands. (I achieve this right now by saving and restoring an audacity.cfg file with my custom settings.)


If you have a suggestion how to do that could you post to the Adding Features board? Perhaps there could be user presets for toolbar layout?


I don’t yet, but I can work on it.

Of course my audacity.cfg reset restores not just Toolbar layout but also my Prefences settings amd preferred time format - so would a suggestion for a fuller save/restore be better than one just limited to Toolbar layout?

UPDATE See this new FR thread:



I hope the toolbar glitch is fixed for the next Audacity update.

It isn’t fixed. The workaround is

Select “View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars” then manually rearrange the toolbars the way that you want them.

Or it looks like 2.1.1 does not have the problem, so you could go back to that:


I didn’t have this with previous Audacity versions. If either Audacity 2.1.3 or 2.2 becomes reality, I hope to see that fixed.

2.1.3 was recently released on 17th March. See this sticky Forum post:

I don’t think that bug has been fixed or even looked at - because of the moonphase nature it’s hard to track down.


Hopefully we can get this toolbar problem fixed by the next version.

I think it is fixed for the next release 2.2.0 - I tested the fix the other day (on Windows and MAc) and I no longer had this problem.



Hi, I’m experiencing this bug since at least 2.1.3, and I think I found a way to reproduce it.
It occurs to me when I try to record audio coming from another program, but only following one of these procedures:

  • Open Audacity in fullscreen
    Press rec button
    Minimize Audacity
    Start playing audio in another program in fullscreen
    Keep the focus on the program for at least 5 seconds
    Open Audacity


  • Start playing audio in another program in fullscreen
    Minimize program
    Open Audacity in fullscreen
    Press rec button
    Minimize Audacity
    Open program
    Keep the focus on the program for at least 5 seconds
    Open Audacity

My version of Audacity is 2.2.0 (although it happened in other recent versions too), OS is Win10 on Asus with Realtek soundcard.
Hope this helps, if I’m in the wrong thread or something I apologize, I’m new here.