Audacity bit rate need default to be 56 bit rather than 128

i want to be able to change the default bit rate for all users who use audacity, as i need default to be 56 bit rate, the current default is 128 bit and for speaking exams that my students are doing, this needs to be in 56 bit rather than 128.

Is their a ini file or is their any way to resolve this issue, i am using Windows XP Service Pack 3 and using Audacity 1.2.6
as currently the bit rate is saved per us.


Riaz Awan

In Audacity 1.2.x on Windows, the preferences are stored in the Windows registry.
In Audacity 1.3.x the preferences are stored in a plain text file called “audacity.cfg” which is in their Windows user profile.

It may be easier for you to upgrade to Audacity 1.3.12, then you can just set up one copy as you want it and copy the .cfg to each machine/user profile.

See here for more details about preferences: