Audacity barely picking up sound

Hello! I hope that I can get some help.

I am using a Blue Yeti pro to record my podcast in audacity.

It was working fine until the recording for this week.

The blue waves that usually go crazy as I’m talking are (almost) flat blue lines. When I play it back*, I can hear it but barely.

I have tried unplugging and replugging. Restarting. I am not on mute. My laptop (MacBook Pro) isn’t the issue because iTunes, Spotify, and Facebook calls can be heard very normally. Only when I use audacity do I have these issues.

Any help anyone? Thank you in advance!

  • = also worth noting…when I recorded tests and then went to play it back, it was dead silent. I can see that it’s playing but hear nothing. The only time I can hear the playback is if I take the mic out of the USB. The minute I plug it back in, sound gone. And no, my output is not auto defaulting to Yeti. Please help you guys!

Thank you