Audacity Auto Changes My View


When adjusting audio levels and I move my cursor from one track to another, clicking on the new track, Audacity changes my view, losing the previous track I was working on and positioning the new track to fill my viewing area.

Only problem is I still want to view both tracks at the same time (I’m adjusting the audio in the 2nd track in relation to the first). So I would prefer the overall view of the two tracks not to change.

Is there any way to turn off this auto function?



No. But there are quite a few work arounds.

  1. You can resize an individual track by dragging the bottom of the track.
  2. You can make all the tracks fit on one screen: View > Track Size > FIt To Height
  3. You can move Audacity’s Toolbars around (or float them) to make your available screen size larger, see: Customizing Toolbar Layout
  4. You can gain even additional screen height by moving the Windows Taskbar from the from the bottom of the screen to the side - that’s what I do. In Windows 10 and earlier, you can simply drag the taskbar to your desired screen edge. In Windows 11, it is apparently slightly more complicated, see: How to move Taskbar to top or side on Windows 11


I’ll give these suggestions a try.

Strange that they don’t give you the option to turn off these auto functions.

In the same manner, when I click on a track to change level, it sometimes automates that function, changing the level slightly for me. Again, something I don’t want.

This sounds like a totally separate issue. Please create a new topic for this.