Audacity AUP3 and .MP3 recordings disappeared

I made a 35 minute long Audacity recording about 2 months ago; I exported it as an MP3 file and also saved it as an AUP3 file, just for good measure.

I came back today to try to use those files for my project, and… they’re entirely gone. They completely do not exist anymore, and Audacity just says that “[filepath] could not be located. It has been removed from recent files.”

This is hours of work that I cannot redo without the notes I no longer have; I cleared them to save space because why would I expect to need to recreate a recording from scratch after it stopped existing?

Are you on 3.5.1?

Did you save them on a non-local drive? Audacity doesn’t get along very well with drives outside the machine. Cloud drives are the worst.


No, they were saved to the local drive that Audacity defaults to. C:\Users[USER]\Documents\Audacity.

Did you put punctuation marks in the filenames? Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers, Underscore, and Dash only.

Do Not put either of the two slashmarks / \ in a filename. That signals folder and directory changes to the computer.