Audacity audio tools help me:(

I’m having trouble with compiling a audio file via the tools in audacity without making it sound like awful noise from a computer. I’m trying to go for the “dub-step” kind of music but I am having extreme difficulty on working the tools and getting a quality sound that I want. Anyone who can help me???

Where is the sound actually coming from? Are you using Audacity generators to make sounds and then cut them into a song? Are you playing instruments into Audacity and then edit a performance? You’re missing a lot of info there.


So I’m Just using the tools. nothing else. So im not trying to cut the stuff into existing songs but rather create my own. Sound is coming from the playback ie: when I press play to listen to my work.

Let’s say you want to start with a driving drum beat. Where are you getting the drums from? I can generate noise and over a period of days shape it into a drum track, but that’s just excessively painful. You’re far better buying a cheap musical keyboard and build a song layer at a time by Audacity Overdubbing.


So would I be able to do what I am talking about on LMMS??? Also would it be easier or more difficult to do on that program?

You’ve not really given enough information for us to be able to answer.
I’ll make some guesses:
You have a Windows computer.
You want to produce musical sounds from within the program.
You want the program the be easy to use.
You want a program that is inexpensive and preferably free.
You want Garage Band, but free and on Windows.

It’s not free, but against the above assumptions Mixcraft is probably your best option.
A free demo version is available. From $50 US to buy.

LMMS is a terrific program. It’s free, but not the most simple to use. It is available for Linux and Windows.

If you’re on a Mac, then Garage Band.