Audacity audio noise

I created a audio file by Audacity but when I export my recoding voice into .Mp3 file, it makes noise “ble ble ble” however, I export to other it was ok!
What does it happed?

If you export your work to one of the “Perfect” file formats like WAV or FLAC, there should be no difference between the Audacity sound and the file sound. MP3 is a compressed format and intentionally creates sound damage so to make its files smaller.

Most of the time MP3 hides the damage pretty well, but if you choose a very low quality setting (for small files) or you’re editing an existing MP3, the damage can be pretty serious.

Does it sound like talking into a wine glass or milk jug? That’s compression damage.

That can be a nasty surprise for people trying to make a podcast with other people’s music. It’s fine until they need to make a small MP3 to post on-line. Then it gets honky and bubbly.

Did I hit it?


it makes noise “ble ble ble”

I’m not sure what that means…

Did you install the [u]LAME MP3 Encoder[/u]?

What MP3 settings did you use?

With higher-quality settings the MP3 should sound very-similar (if not identical) to the original. 320kbps is the “best” constant bitrate setting and V0 is the “best” variable bitrate setting. Those settings also give you the biggest files (the least compression). And, you may get equally good results at 192 or 256kbps.

…If you think there’s something wrong with your LAME setup/installation there are other MP3 applications (virtually all of them run LAME in the background). Whenever I’m just converting without editing or recording I use [u]TAudioConverter[/u] which can convert to/from several different formats. Once it’s set-up it’s just drag, drop, and click. And, you can convert several files at once.