Audacity Audio is always out of sync compared with camera audio

Hello There,

I record my gameplay + camera using OBS, Elgato or Avermedia Software but I always use Audacity to record my audio (via Blue YETI MIC) and then I replace my “Camera Audio” with Audacity however I face a very weird problem when my recorded files are longer in terms of time.

EXAMPLE: I use my video editing software to sync my camera + audacity audio so I can replace each other afterwards. The beginning is synced perfectly well but by the time passes both files slowly go out of sync. If my recording file is longer than 1 hour for example the end of the file has around 300~700ms difference between my camera audio and audacity…

I really hope there is a way to solve this problem my changing some Audacity settings! Hope you can help me out because it’s very annoying and it’s been always like that!

P.S. I tested it on 4 different PCs and it was the same problem on all of them!


That can happen if you have two different recorders on one show. Now you know that this does.
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 20.52.58.png
Clap at the beginning so the camera can see it and the microphone can hear it. Do it again at the end of a long take. Calculate the miss and that is your correction value for Effect > Change Speed.

It should stay the same correction percent no matter how long the take is. You can go either direction, one up or the other down to match, but you should keep doing it the same way forever.

If you changed computers multiple times, then the error is probably in the other recorder. The time base generators in one of the recorders may be off. Is doesn’t take much. One recorder running at sampling of 44100 and the other running at 44100.05. Home recorders are not built to Separate Sound standards. They are usually built to Cheap standards.


If there is no camera, make it so the microphone can hear the game play and calculate the error from there. Again, all you need is one error value and you can calculate the correction. I bet if you changed from the Yeti, the problem would vanish.


Hello Koz,

Thank you a lot for your reply. Yeah tried on different PCs and the problem still exists. I’m using Blue Yeti as it’s one of the best microphones for Youtube. I have a channel with almost 400,000 subs doing gaming videos. If I replace the default camera mic with Yeti in OBS or Avermedia software, I do not have sync problems. Problems only appear if I record the audio via a different software like Audacity.

I will record a long video today to find out the exact % of difference so I can apply the effect from now on. Don’t mind applying this speed effect every time as I use audacity to apply 4 more effects to my audio files.

Once again, Thank you so much for the help and Happy Holidays :sunglasses:


Problems only appear if I record the audio via a different software like Audacity.

Audacity doen’t cause timing errors. The audio is already digitized when Audacity gets it. You have to look upstream. Where does the sound first get digitized? Then you move things around and one of the sound services keeps coming up wrong. That’s probably the culprit.


There is one much more evil problem that can cause timing errors. The machine may be skipping tiny portions of one performance and not the other. Those would be crazy hard to find, so we’ll hope it’s not that.


Hello Koz,
After I put my MIC to the test I came to a conclusion that my MIC is the problem. The Speed Value that I need to apply to the audacity audio so it can match any other audio file is -0010%.

However, If I use my mic as a default microphone in OBS it stays synced until the end of the recording file without having any problems. So it’s kinda a weird problem but at least I found the exact speed value I need to apply in Audacity so the Microphone can match any other audio file.

Thanks for the tips.