Audacity audio importing problems

Hi all, I’m new to this, but not to Audacity. I’ve used it before and had fantastic results with it, especially singing, but recently, the microphone (both internal and external) have been cutting out while audio was imported. I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve did the uninstall-reinstall and then reboot technique, and it still does that.

Speaking of which, it does that in Adobe Audition as well, but it works fine in Skype and Sound Recorder. I was thinking that I needed a Realtek High Definition HDMI, but do I really need it?

I’m running Audacity 2.0.2 and Windows 7 Home Premium on a HP G60 Notebook PC.
What my computer looks like:
What my external microphone looks like:

Am I missing a driver or something?

As you can see, the microphone is there. However, whenever I speak into it, the green bar doesn’t move. I’ve tried fiddling with the properties and I’m at a loss.

Is that a USB microphone and are you going through a USB hub? Hubs can cause problems with Audio.