Audacity association with WAV lost after installing 2.0.5

This is weird. upgraded to 2.05 and I am unable to associate .wav files with Audacity in 7.0. It just will not do it. THEN, I had a hunch, this HAS to be a registry problem, so I unistalled 2.05 and used reg scanner to check and there are many, many references to the 2.03 version left in the registry! These MUST be removed! Why didn’t the 2.05 install remove them? What should I do? Can I install 2.03 again and uninstall that? Real problem here.

It should not be needed, but did you uninstall 2.0.3 first?
Anything unusual about your install? Most people do not go automatically for the Registry.


I did NOT uninstall 2.03. Usually the new version does this for you but clearly, this is NOT the case here -it does nothing to obsolete entries in the registry. I used regscanner to hunt down all the old 2.03 references deleted them did the 2.05 install NO PROB.


Of course there was a problem. It was supposed to happen automatically and it didn’t on your machine.
Why do you think that is?

If I knew I would not be posting here. The 2.05 install does not appear to clear out old registry entries for prior versions, and only the developers can confirm this and why this is so. SOP is the new install deletes old entries.

To be clear there is no “2.05” version - it’s 2.0.5. And you can install 2.0.5, so I gave this topic a more useful title.

If you install the new 2.0.x version into the same folder as the previous 2.0.x version you should not lose self-created Audacity associations with audio files, whether you uninstalled the previous version first or not.

Did you install the new 2.0.x version to a different directory than the previous version? If so, yes that will cause loss of file associations in the new version due to a Windows limitation that “Open with” can only point to one location of a named executable. See .

Less experienced users should not open the Windows Registry manually because it could harm your computer.


I did whatever default install presented itself. And I can’t complain all that much, it’s a great product for free. You may want to confirm whether or not the 2.0.5 install wipes out prior 2.0.3 registry entries, it does not appear to do so and the only fix is to use a manual registry key cleaner like I did.

Audacity does not make file associations to WAV files (you must have done that manually), so no, Audacity does not wipe out registry entries that it did not make.
Audacity 2.x adds very little to the registry as user preferences are now stored in a preference file.
The old Audacity 1.2.x version stored preferences in the registry, but the old 1.2.x series were not designed to be used on Windows later than XP.