audacity as default program for mp3 in windows 8[SOLVED]

I would like to set audacity as the default program for mp3 files. I have version 2.0.4 and am running windows 8. I tried to change the default program but windows 8 will not allow me to even search for audacity but insists on their programs or another app. Is there any way to do this? I am trying to do this from the desktop. Is there another way to attack this? Is there an audacity app that might somehow work? Thank you.

Maybe [u]this[/u] will help. It shows you how to search/browse for applications that don’t show-up automatically.

I don’t have Windows 8… I had a similar issue with Win7, but I don’t remember the solution…

Use the “Default Programs” control panel applet .


Tried going thru “more options” etc. Audacity did not show up anywhere. Was directed back to the app store but audacity was not an option. Tried searching in store but no result for audacity. I am using audacity by opening program and then opening song but it is cumbersome, I would dearly like to double click a song and have it open in audacity.

I’ve installed extman.exe.
It allows to change standard behaviours for the different file extensions. For example, I’ve added several edit links to Audacity for *.wav, mp3 etc. within the context menu.
I’ve installed the 2009 version but the newest one has a similar file size (~500 kb). There may be other programs available.

Please try the instructions you’ve been given, using the Default Programs control panel applet. Use your mouse to click the following link: .

In other words:

Tap the Windows key (as long as you’re not already on the Start screen) and type ‘default’ without the quotes. This searches for matching apps, and will display Default Programs on the left. Hit Enter if it’s the top result or click on it to launch the Control Panel.

It will open on the traditional desktop and display the options for default programs. Click the ‘Associate a file type or protocol with a program’ link.

Audacity is not in the Windows Store, so you will need to use the Windows Control Panel (instructions above).

You can install a program like Robert suggests but that is not necessary if all you want to do is make Audacity the default program for MP3.


Audacity did not appear as in the default programs applet until I went thru a restart. After I shut down and restarted (I had also used Audacity to open a song) Audacity appeared as a default option and I was able to do what I wanted. Thank you.