Audacity Appearance

Hey, I was thinking, wouldn’t the appearance of Audacity bring you to use it more if it didn’t look like something you’d use over 10 years ago…? I mean, it wouldn’t take much effort to fix up the looks, not that I could do it, but someone who knows how to do it could easily make it look presentable, just an idea which could bring many more people to use Audacity. :slight_smile:

This has been discussed many times over the years - there used to be ann experimental facilty in some of the early 1.3 Betas for “Themes” to facilitate customization, but this was withdrawn a while back. IIRC it’s still buried somewher in the code.

Most of us users are concerned with how Audacity sounds rather than how it looks - and in fact a lot of us actually like the quaint slightly old-fashioned look, It’s like a comfortable old pair of Levi’s 501s… :slight_smile:

Personally I really don’t want the devs wasting time of flashy new graphics and branding - there are far more important projects to work on - look at the list of proposals and feature requests on the Wiki.


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