Audacity and YouTube

I have been using Audacity for many years to clip samples from YouTube but over the last month it has stopped working and when I open Audacity YouTube videos seems to freeze. Has anyone else seen this problem and is there a workaround. I have no problem recording from cd or media player still using the windows sound setting.
In fact it is worse than that, it seems that it switches off anything in Firefox that plays sound. I can sometimes get it back by closing Audacity but at other times I have to restart the computer before I can listen to anything on the internet. And even if I close audacity and Firefox and switch to internet explorer, it has stopped me playing music there as well until the restart. Frustrating.

Audacity 2.1.1 (exe install) on WinXP sp3 (seems to be still receiving windows security updates… very recent)
Many thanks

Did you do this WinXP trick?

It sounds like your audio drivers have been broken by something. Have you installed “special” apps to capture streaming songs from sites you are not supposed to record from?

Have you installed Skype?

System Restore back to a month ago might be worth trying.

Note you don’t need to record YouTube videos. Download them, using any number of available Firefox extensions. Don’t convert the video to MP3 or to other lossy formats if you want to edit them in Audacity.

Instead, install FFmpeg from then drag the video file into Audacity and it will extract the audio. At that point, the audio quality is as good or bad as it is in the file on YouTube’s servers. That won’t be the case if you record the audio.