Audacity and Yeti Microphone

I recently purchased a Blue Yeti Microphone to help in my voice acting, when I went to the control panel to set my microphone it worked perfectly. In audacity it was great no issues. However that night I shut my laptop down for the night and the next day the microphone and headset were not working in audacity at all. The headset works in every other program but the sound still plays through my computer’s speakers on audacity and I can’t record into my microphone despite the fact its set up correctly.

So this leads me to believe its not the microphone’s fault but Audacity’s so how do I fix this? Please reply back thanks :smiley:

In Audacity, try “Transport menu > Rescan Audio Devices”.
Does that fix it?
Audacity only looks for devices when Audacity is launched and when you manually “rescan”. If for some reason the microphone was unavailable when Audacity was launched, then Audacity will not see it until you manually rescan.

You can have magic here. If you have an older machine or worn USB connections, the microphone could vanish for no apparent reason. The actual, electrical reason, of course, is the ratty or dirty data connection dropped for a split second and when it came back, Audacity was already looking somewhere else. And it won’t come back.


If you need more help, please tell us your version of Audacity and Windows (see the pink panel at the top of the page).