Audacity and windows 10

My old laptop with windows 7 conked out last month so I now have Toshiba Satellite with windows 10. I have downloaded Audacity 2 but am having trouble recording stuff like I used to. I can record my own voice when I speak, however, if I play a file straight from my desktop, the Audacity will not record it (it always did before). It must be something to do with settings but as I have very limited knowledge with computers I have no idea how to solve this. Can anybody help? I need to set it so that I can record my voice and then switch to record a sound file directly from my desktop. Thanks :blush:

Audacity version numbers have 3 parts. The current version is 2.1.1.
You can check the version number in Audacity by looking at “Help menu > About Audacity”. If you have an older version, then the current version is available here:

To record sounds that are playing on your computer on Windows Vista or later (including Windows 10), use the “WASAPI loopback” method described here: