Audacity and web programming?

I’m currently doing an internship project about audio mixing, but I have to say my knowledge in this domain is more than limited. I would like to know if it is possible to use Audacity source code in a web project.

Let me explain:
I have to create a web interface (html/php/javascript) to mix a background music file with a voice sound file, then to export the mixed result to a .wav sound file in order to use it on an automated phone server.
I have some restrictions. As I was saying, the interface must be a web one (html/php/javascript). I must not use Adobe Flash or install plugins on the web browsers. The interface must work on an Apache (php) web server running on Windows Server.

The project will replace the current solution: flash interface using SoX. It is working, but flash can sometimes be very annoying and SoX must be installed on each server. It is just impossible for the clients to use the current interface.
I tried to use the very recent Web Audio API. Let alone that IE is not compatible with it, it has a very limited and sometimes outdated documentation. It is very hard to use and is much more restricted than SoX.

Do you think I can use the Audacity source code in order to do this project?

(Sorry about my bad english, it’s not my mother tongue. I’m trying very hard ^^ )

Thank you,


No I don’t think that Audacity will help you. It is designed to be run on a local machine and is not suitable for running on a web server.