Audacity and the Blue Spark USB

Greetings all.

The machine is an Asus Aspire 5 with Intel chips. Audacity version 2.4.

The problem is… The laptop sees the mic and it shows up in the selection window of audacity… But I can’t get a signal. Turn on monitoring… Nothing. Hit record … Nothing.

I’ve used audacity on PC platforms for years and never had an issue and this one seems so easy… But I can’t crack it.

Welcoming any tips or hints on this one.

Audacity version 2.4.

There’s two. 2.4.0 and 2.4.1.


We withdrew 2.4.0 as it had a nasty data-loss bug


You can test the mic & drivers (without Audacity) with [u]Listen To This Device[/u].

If that doesn’t work you can try uninstalling the driver. These things use the standard Microsoft-supplied drivers so it should re-install automatically when you plug it in again, and sometimes that “cleans-up” the installation.

Thanks I’ll do the driver trick and see if a reinstall helps. Appreciate it. :smiley: