audacity and tascam

I have just installed Audacity 2.1.3 and am trying to record with my guitar running through a Tascam US 144 interface. Audacity sees the Tascam in Preferences, but when I play something, no wave form shows on the track. I have selected MME and both Windows choices for the Host, Line in Tascam for the recoding device, Mono input and Tascam for output. My OS is Windows 7.
Does anyone have an idea as to why my signal isn’t being registered on the Playback meter - no wave form visible when I try to record?

Thank you

If you are recording in mono, ensure that you are using the “left” input (Channel 1) on the Tascam.


Thanks for your quick reply. To clarify, are you talking about selecting the Left Channel under the Mono heading when you hit the drop down arrow for the Audio Track?


I’ve not found much information about the Tascam US 144 interface as it is apparently an obsolete model, but for most USB sound cards the, left input is “channel 1” and the right input is “channel 2”. Audacity is not able to swap the channels, so if you record only one channel (mono), you get channel 1.

Gotcha - thanks again Steve.