Audacity and Surface 4 Laptop

I’ve used Audacity on several computers. However, I have a new Surface 4 Laptop and can’t seem to connect the two. I’m not getting any “Line In” once I connect the USB cable. I tried reinstalling Audacity but, no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Windows can hide unused audio devices,
and can have a (user set) preference (default) for a particular audio device.

You might not see “line-in” but you should see “USB… something”, or maybe the name of the device.

Also, plug-in the USB device before you start Audacity.

Ensure that you have given Audacity permission to access the “microphone”. (In the Windows Permissions settings, Microsoft use the word “microphone” to mean “all audio input devices”).

Thank you for eye assistance.
I disabled all other options and can’t configure or add new options.
Audacity has access.

What audio input (recording) and outputs (playback) does Windows say are available?

And you don’t say what is on the other end of that cable…

Turntable is directly connected to computer.

OK, so you have a generic USB turntable.

Here are instructions for recording from a generic USB turntable:

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Audacity:

If you have problems that cannot be answered by the above resources, please ask specific questions complete with specific details. Post screenshots and/or detailed error messages. :smiley:

Also, did you read what Trebor, DVDdoug, and steve posted? What do you think of their replies?