audacity and protools

Is one software program interchangeable with another? For instance , if I record a vocal line in audacity, can it later be mixed into a song with say a drumbeat from pro tools? This may seem an odd question, but if you do not have all the resources for an album at once , I may have to utilize this approach if possible. Any thoughts?

By default, Protools uses 16 or 24 bit WAV at either 44.1kHz or 48kHz.
Any audio that you record, edit or otherwise process in Audacity, if you Export in one of these formats, it can be imported directly into ProTools.

Similarly, audio saved from ProTools as “Microsoft PCM WAV” can be imported into Audacity.

Thanks for info Steve . so I imagine it’s a fairly strightforward process as long as input sound levels are matched.
I geuss you answered the question of multitracking, but can you also manipulate effects if recorded in o ne program and then want to manipulate in the other program?

ProTools effects are not compatible with anything other than ProTools.
ProTools only natively supports ProTools effects (it doesn’t even support VST effects without buying an additional VST wrapper program).
ProTools does not support free and open source effects such as Nyquist or LADSPA plug-in effects.
ProTools effects only work in ProTools.