Audacity and Nyquist environment

I solved my challange with support from community.
In order to do that I’ve downloded Nyquist from Carnagie Melon University.
I’ve found some things to be solved in massive processing and future needs.

  1. How to join Audacity chain with Nyquist for batch processing of multiple files with possibility to save text results to separate file for each audio (in the same folder)?
    How to switch off potential alerts from Audacity for smooth and unbroken porcessing?

2. Is there any way to read mp3 with Nyquist environment (any implementation if known)?
3. After processing in Nyquist from Carnagie Melon University performance of my PC (Windows XP) decrease dramatically. Any idea how to prevent this before or solve on closing Nyquist environment?

Thanks in advance


Pawel Minich

The Audacity 2.x “Chains” feature supports Nyquist plug-ins that are of the “process” (effect) type.
See here for information about plug-in types and the required header data:

Saving text files is a bit of a pain if you want it to be fully cross platform compatible. Probably the best example of text file saving at the moment is the “Sample Data Export” plug-in. This is an “Analyze” type plug-in and is shipped with the current version of Audacity. The latest version can be downloaded from here: direct link.

You should be able to find a few tips in the code of the above plug-in. Note that for this plug-in to appear in the Edit Chains menu it is necessary to change the plug-in type from analyze to process.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

I’m surprised by that. Nyquist is supposed to be quite lightweight. The audio driver support in standalone Nyquist is rather old, so there could be some problems interfacing with your sound card.

If you run the Audacity version of Nyquist, it shuts down completely when Audacity is closed.