Audacity and Netbeans development environment

Hello guys,
I’m new of this list, ao I apolige in advance for my beginner level questions.


1- can someone suggest me the way i can open the audacity project in Netbeans ? is there a project file ? I thinks no and this question is wrong.
2- So, in which way i can modify some of the .cpp source files for personal testing and then re-configure, make and make install audacity ?

I work with Netbeans development environment on ubuntu 16.04 OS.

Thanks in advance.

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You don’t usually open AUP project files in IDEs. What are you trying to do?

No one here has netbeans IDE as far as I know so why don’t you just try it or ask Netbeans for support?

Most people use a text editor to modify source code files and the command-line to build. Beginners on Linux should start that way, in my opinion. See


I don’t know NetBeans, but kDevelop works pretty well.

  • The easiest way to set up kDevelop for Audacity is to first build Audacity from the command line (see:
  • Then point kDevelop to the main “Makefile” (Project menu > Open / Import project)
  • To launch (run) Audacity from kDevelop you need to point kDevelop to the Audacity executable (Run menu > Configure Launches)
  • To build Audacity from kDevelop, assuming that you configured to build in a /build/ sub-directory, add the build directory to the “Build Set”.

My question is that I do not know the Audacity software architecture and I was looking for a development environment that would allow me to see how the entire file package and the various dependencies are organized.
Using the command line this becomes expensive.
However, the advice you gave me is important but I ask you another question.

I think that Audacity follows the programming logic of c / c ++ language; so what is the “main” of the whole package? And where do I find it in source code? or maybe i’m wrong again ?

I still apologize for the question and I am waiting for suggestions.

I also downloaded kdevelop (a very nice development package) but it has difficulty opening the makefile (I have already compiled audacity the first time using the command line).
Thanks in advance.

What exactly are you trying to do, and why?

Have you considered looking at the source tree in a file manager to see what is in root of the tree?

Are you confusing dependencies of packages required to build Audacity with file dependencies? Are you trying to remove source code files for some reason?


Audacity doesn’t have a “main” function in the usual sense. The main source file is “AudacityApp” which is located in the root of the “src/” directory.

kDevelop does work with Audacity - it’s what I use, but I hate having to set it up because I can never remember exactly what I did last time and have to work it out again.

This article is a bit old, but you may find it useful:

Gale, as you ask what I’m trying to do, I will try to answer this question because it clarifies my purpose. Your question is welcome.

My intention is to understand how to add plug-ins, so that i can improve noise analysis with Wiener filtering (currently audacity uses the subtraction method) and trying to improve the time-changing tool.
Obviously I’m interested in doing this at personal test level to experiment with some existing algorithms in literature using the Audacity package.
Furthermore, i’m interesting into implementation of some effects in real-time (currently audacity does an off-line computation). This is very tedious if you think that Windows Media player and VLC allow the equalization correction in real-time.

Please, can you assit me in the way i can see the source tree to see the root of the tree ?

What stupid questions I pose !!! Excuse me. I need to enter the audacity logic.

Thanks very much in advance.


As I wrote in the last post, responding to Gale, I would like to program new plugins in Audacity for personal testing. Possible ways to follow to do this?
I do not know pyton and I would like to do it in c / c ++ which are the languages I know well.
Many thanks Steve, i’ve found the main source file “AudacityApp”. Now it is more clear. I’m working to set kdevelop environment for Audacity. Many thanks.

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See here:

and more generally, here:

Many thanks Steve, now all it is more clear !

Best Regards.