Audacity and M-Audio Recording Problems


Okay so I went to a music store a week or two ago interested in finding something that I could use to do some basic music recording. Just something to use with my PC. The guy suggested the M-Audio Mobile Pre USB interface and when I asked if it would work with Audacity he said absolutely. So my problem is that for about two weeks now I have been trying to use this P.O.S with Audacity to record scratch vocals or scratch guitar and every time I try I get this delay thing happening in my headphones. Basically every time I sing or play guitar the actual sound in my head phones is delayed. I have tried to use the latency feature but no matter where I set it, it doesn’t fix the problem. What am I doing wrong? And does my m-audio device actually work with Audacity? Please someone help. Thanks. :imp:

I think it should work, but you need to monitor from the M-Audio, not your on-board sound card. Also, in “Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O”, switch off “software playthrough”.