Audacity and Jammit

Anyone know how to stop Jammit from turning off Audacity from recording? I want to record myself. I understand why they are trying to prevent it, but I can’t record myself.

turning off Audacity from recording?

How exactly does it do that? Details. What are you recording? USB Micophone?

I’m using my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 with a condenser mic. When I hit record and then move and hit play on Jammit it cancels the recording. If you move focus off the Jammit windows it Jammit stops playing.

We don’t make “Jammit”. Is this what you have: ?

Jammit is a Beta program on Windows, so it could have bugs. There is no obvious reason I can think of why playing in Jammit to the Creative card should stop the recording from the USB Scarlett.

What are you trying to show at the end of the video by clicking on video files?

What happens if you record in Jammit ?

PS: Can you set Jammit to play to the Scarlett - that would be preferable in any case.


It looks like Jammit is taking exclusive access of the sound card.
You could take a look in the Control Panel to see if changing any of the Windows settings allow both programs to work at the same time, but I’d not put money on it working. I presume that if you want the record features in Jammit you need to give them money?

Jammit is in beta for Windows. The program is free, the songs you have to pay for which I did. The “Record” feature doesn’t work right now in Jammit. I’m not trying to record what jammit is playing. I’m just trying to record what I’m playing along with via Focusrite. Which in theory should as my input is “Focusrite” and not “What I hear”. If I change it to “What I hear” I can record Jammit with Audacity. If I choose my output of my Focusrite in Audacity at that point my sound card should be removed from the equation.

I downloaded “Jammit”. If you start a recording stream in any application, even sending the mic to the output using Windows “Listen to this device”, changing focus to “Jammit” stops the stream. I tried both “Pass thru” options in Jammit Preferences without any change in behaviour.

Ask Jammit for your money back, or to fix the program so that it can record or let other apps do so.