Audacity and Jack audio

Hello !
I’m struggling with using Audacity with jack. I need to use jack for my music software (VCV Rack, Ardour). But I can’t find a way to output audacity directly to jack. Everything seems to pass through portaudio and the portaudio connecion only last the time Audacity playback. So If I, during playback, connect the portaudio to the correct jack socket, I can hear the sound but as soon as I stop playback the portaudio disappears and I have to connect again to the correct jack socket. This makes Audacity usable wihil jack is running which is a bit annoying for a sound editor on Linux…

I’m on ubunstudio 21.10, audacity 3.1.3 (appimage).

Thanks !

Set up the rest of your system / software first, and launch Audacity last.
You can then make the necessary settings in the Device Toolbar. Set “host” to “Jack Audio System” and set the recording / playback devices as required.