Audacity and guitar software

I got a guitar effets software called Hardcore image line.It plays very well thru the computer speakers,but when I try to record that sound with audacity,the distortion/effects do not record.Only a clean guitar sound records.

What settings should I make in audacity in order to record the effects of the guitar?

I hope my question is understood.


Did the software come with any capture modules or tools? You might be able to set your machine up to “Record Music Playing on the Computer,” but that’s generally used for recording YouTube or performances like that.

You do need to remember that with those settings, you’re recording everything going through the computer twice and you may not be able to hear while you’re recording. Both Record and Playback will be taken up with the performance leaving no way to hear what you’re doing.


Not all computers have these settings available. Macs don’t do this at all, and modern Windows machines can make this seriously difficult. If you’re on a Mac you can use the SoundFlower artificial sound device and for Windows, you can use Total Recorder.


Doesn’t that effects software allow you to record? If so you could use that and then import the recorded audio to audacity.