Audacity and EZCAP Cassette

Hi Have posted before but only got round to playing with the Cassette today and am totally frustrated
Windows XP pro all Up to date etc etc
I have an EZCAP USB cassette and have downloaded AUDACITY 2.0 and am trying to convert my tapes to mp3 files
I am a real beginner at this so please be gentle
I have managed after ages fiddling about with Audacity to get some kind of output sound from it
What i do is record the track im after them export it as an MP3 file to my desktop but when i try to play the exported file with for example VLC Player or Windows Media Player or any other mp3 playback software there is no sound at all from the file but when i open it via Audacity the sound is there…what do i have to do to get another player to play the file or am i missing something?
Thankyou in advance for your help

Ensure that you are actually opening the exported MP3 and not trying to play a “Saved Audacity Project”.
Windows can make it tricky to see exactly what sort of file you are trying to open because (by default) Windows will hide the file extension for most files. If you right click on a file and select “properties” Windows should tell you what sort of file it is.
If you’ve at all unsure about the difference between “Save” and “Export”, please read this:

This set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual should help you:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD