Audacity Age Rating

Hello. What is the age rating for Audacity? I want my students to download it onto their laptops. They are aged between 11-13 years old. Thank you.

Audacity does not have any age requirements, if you wanted to, you could let a baby have a crack at it.

There briefly was a 13+ clause in the privacy policy, but this has been removed since, and the feature requiring this 13+ clause has been removed with it.

Audacity is commonly used in schools for students aged 11 and above.

If you intend to use Audacity on computers in a school, one thing to watch out for is that some schools IT infrastructure place the student’s home directory on a network file server, and / or install applications on a server. This can be a problem for Audacity (and other media production application). Audacity should be installed on the computer’s internal hard drive, Audacity’s temp folder should be on the computer’s internal hard drive, and projects should be saved to the computer’s internal hard drive.

If you are involved in IT in a school / academy setting and are thinking of installing Audacity for students, there’s a few other implementation details that would be worth discussion, so please say if that’s the case.