Audacity/ACX Help Needed

Hi All,
New to this but looking to hire the services of someone that can help tutor me on the ACX Test requirements using Audacity.
Happy to pay £15 an hour, whereby i can create a Zoom/Teams screenshare and work with you, by asking questions etc.
Anybody interested in supporting please let me know.

YouTube videos on Audacity are not official, but maybe worth a look …
https ://www

Post back if you find something you like. What typically happens is somebody gets the hang of it and we never hear from them again. They’re so busy producing content that there’s no time left for one-on-ones. Reading can be labor and time intensive.

We also note that ACX Check is an Audacity personal version of a test that ACX itself offers on-line and is just the first step—basic mechanics—in producing paid work.

There is an odd possibility. ACX hosts listings of announcers, actors, and presenters for hire. You may be able to find one that can teach you how they do it.

I would leap at the chance to teach live-on-line but my internet connection is a salty, wet string to the Central Office and doesn’t support live, outbound video.

This is a posting describing the reading process once you do get running.

I have those notes about the on-line test version here, somewhere. They do not check Background Noise and ACX Check does. That’s the one that New Readers most often fail.


Found it.


Hi Koz,

Thanks for the reply and links.

Would still like a 1-2-1 session if you can. Feel it will be more productive. Is this something you can help me with?

If you’re planning on solo reading and producing, then sooner or later you will be The Producer (upper case intentional). That’s generally seen as the person with the pen and checkbook, but is more broadly the person making important decisions and the final authority.

So wear your Producer hat. What is your course of action if you can’t find anyone to teach you in real-ish time?


Post back if you find someone and particularly if you’re both successful, you have just defined a business opportunity.