Audacity acting very strange doing unwanted

I am trying to edit some tracks which I have had no issue previously. Now random acts are happening eg.
I selected approx 16 seconds of two tracks to “generate silence” when I click OK silence generated is approx 3 times longer than selection wiping out that much of the two tracks
another example I selected an entire track to add effect amplify, upon applying the effect the entire track went flatline except an odd box at the very end on the top.
There are more but they are so random I believe the problem is likely not in the details.
I have uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled with latest version, but these random behaviors continue.

I am running the latest version of Audacity, on Windows 7.

I am editing tracks, when I selected a 16 second section of two tracks and attempted to generate silence, the screen showed instead a repeating pattern of audio, which was inserted both a couple seconds before my selections and a couple seconds after, the audio revealed silence for the entire portion altered.
After screen.jpg
before screen.jpg

Try looking at Edit > Preferences: Directories. Set the temporary directory to a drive that is working correctly and to a folder that you have permission to write to. OK all the dialogues.

Edit > Undo all the edits that created a problem, make sure the audio is complete then File > Save Project… .

Restart Audacity so that Audacity is then using the new temporary directory.

If the problem persists, post the contents of Help > Show Log… .