Audacity Accessibility Options

Hello, I’m loving the new version of Audacity, it’s been treating me well the last few days. I appreciate all the work that is put into this, it does show.

My question is, previously when compiling your own version of Audacity, to enable the full accessibility options it required a few extra steps. I was looking for that information on the info on how to compile and noticed it’s no longer there in 2.0. Does that mean it’s now included with everyone or the option is no longer available?

Assuming you are still on Windows, the information is still in compile.txt in the source code (MSVC++ STEP 2:, point 2).

If you have any more compiling questions, please post them in this board.



I am still running Win7. Thank you so much Gale. I could’ve sworn it used to be on the wiki or something but I couldn’t find it. Again thank you.