Audacity 3.4, Mix to Render doesn't respect sample rate

Hey guys been using audacity since 2.x, and I updated from 3.3 to 3.4 today. Went to Mix to render two tracks together and it didn’t respect the sample rate so instead of 192khz it renders to 44.1khz.

When I uninstall 3.4, and reinstall 3.3, this issues doesn’t happen. Did I miss a option, did something change? or

This works fine for me when I go into Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Quality > Project Rate > 192000Hz.

Thanks for the reply,

The workaround is to set the correct sample rate in audio settings for 3.4 like you suggested but this gets annoying having many difference sample rate files and settings them in the menu , when it wasn’t a issue with 3.3.3. I was just wondering if it was my end or on going problem.

I rolled back to 3.3.3 for now

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