Audacity 3.4 does not start up

I upgraded my Audacity install to the latest build 3.4. Installation proceeded normally, but when I went to start the program, nothing. the icon spins a bit then stops. No Audacity. I re-installed and no luck. I then uninstalled 3.4 and reloaded my earlier version (2.3.3) and the old version worked just fine. Any suggestions? I am running windows 10 with latest updates. Thanks

So I am not sure what is happening. There were some issues with 3.4.0 and 3.4.1, so I would stay away from them until 3.4.2 at least.

So 3.3.3 might be your near-term goal.

However, 3.2 introduced some VST scanning which could take quite a while - possibly the cause of your spinning icon.

So try 3.1.3 first: Old Audacity versions download

thanks for the reply.
3.4.1 (which I installed), the spinning icon only spins for a few seconds then goes away. The Audacity process goes away. The program just never starts. It’s not a big deal as I have 2.3.3 running just fine. I wanted to update to the latest version just to stay current, but 2.3.3 does what I need. Not sure if Windows is missing a library or if I need to reboot in order for 3.4.1 to work.

If that is your goal, I would try 3.1.3, as I outlined earlier. There are some that would prefer to just stay on 2.4.2. :wink:

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